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Blackbird 2011 Mystery Wine

I came across this wine tale about 20 years ago whilst I was researching this grape varietal.

This tale inspired me to plant four rows (about 420 vines).

It is a vine from France that is grown abundantly around the world.

In Kumeu, New Zealand it flowers and set poorly, resulting in small crops.

We make about two barrels of this wine in a good year, the first being 2009.

Now for the Tale

In the old wine growing regions of France the work in the vines is carried out

by the villagers in return for their cottage rent.

Instead of calling the blocks by their varietal name each of the blocks where given a nickname.

This grapes nickname is Blackbird

The tale does not end here

I have used my special winemaking technique to make this wine in a unique style

When red wine is made, the juice and the skins are fermented together and towards the end of the ferment this must is put into the press. In our case we use a traditional basket press. Before the press is cranked tighter, the juice that runs out without any pressing is known as the Free Run Juice. This juice is the softest and with a little less colour and a lot less Tannin.

So by using the free run juice this wine is lighter in colour and less Tannic than other wines of this vareital

It is a soft fruity red wine with a hint of spice, ideal for when you feel like red that is not too heavy but with plenty of flavour.

In the old language of France the word for Blackbird is Merlot

“Merl” being another word for Bird

So Blackbird is a Merlot nz$25.00

Enjoy our wines in moderation

Jaison Kerr


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