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Welcome to Kerr Farm Vineyard

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  1. Chris Wilton says :

    Hello Jaison
    Thanks for your informative film clip on pruning and cuttings for propagation. I took approx 80 Shiraz cuttings this June and potted them, I now have a thriving lot (98% strike rate) in my glass house. I have a small vineyard, 350 vines in central Victoria, all Shiraz around four seasons old and bearing fruit. I intend to replace some struggling and dead vines with the new root-lings. Could you please answer the following questions:-
    Should I now take the root-lings out of the glass house and harden them off?
    Many of the root-lings have produced small bunches of grapes, pinch them of immediately?
    Could I now plant the root-lings into the vineyard or should I wait until winter 2017?
    My wife and I intend to visit NZ in 2017 and would love to catch up and see your vineyard.
    Looking forward to your reply
    Chris Wilton

    1. Hi Chris
      1. yes harden them off
      2. Yes pinch out little bunches and let the plant concentrate on roots
      3.If you can keep them watered plant them into the vineyard. Do not let them dry out they are very tender. To be safe keep some for next winter.
      Yes pop in when you are in NZ. We are Open only on the weekends
      Cheers Jaison

      1. Chris Wilton says :

        Thanks for the advise Jaison.

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